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Improve efficiency, reduce peaks in electrical demand, and save big on energy costs. Our services pay for themselves many times over.


Identify faulty operation, improve building performance, and proactively manage facility maintenance.


Get real-time insights about what is happening at your facilities.

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Our customers have peace of mind knowing their facilities are being monitored and optimized 24/7.

The Synapse Solution

Our flagship product, Synapse, is an ecosystem of services with a simple user interface.
Depending on the specific needs of your business, we can provide a comprehensive solution, or just the specific services you need.


The foundation of any building analytics solution is a robust and flexible data layer. Whether you are integrating with our analytics tools or looking to streamline specific aspects of your data management practices, we have a data solution for you.

Data Acquisition & Hosting

Our secure plug-n-play gateways make getting data out of your building fast and easy - or we can ETF data from wherever you need!

Once acquired, your data lives in an independent data layer, that can be used by Synapse or integrated with your company's ecosystem.

Point-Mapping & System Modeling

To be useful for analysis, we must first organize the (typically thousands of) points, from which we are receiving data.

By utilizing a machine-learning based approach we can rapidly organize your site's data, and build standardized digital models of all equipment at your facility.

Facility Analytics

Once your systems are mapped and modeled, we provide a broad range of tools for you to engage with the data in ways that give deep insights into the way your facilities are functioning.

Dashboards & Visualization

Customizable dashboards and intelligent plotting tools put real-time data at the fingertips of your facility managers and operators - accessible from anywhere they may be.

Intelligent Insights

Synapse automatically generates performance metrics/KPIs that continuously track how your facilities are operating. Users can learn the overall status of their facilities at a glance and gain key insights without having to dig deeply into the data.

Custom Reporting

Our robust reporting interface has dozens of pre-built templates to track your key metrics like comfort, energy, demand, indoor air quality, equipment reliability, and carbon emissions - but, if you need a report we haven't thought of yet, you can easily build your own too!

Alerts, Faults, & Tasks

Synapse not only automatically implements intelligent diagnostic algorithms to analyze your HVAC operation, but you can also set up custom alerts and create smart task lists based on the impact of each fault or alert identified.


Our proprietary (automated fault detection and diagnosis) algorithms use an intelligent machine-learning approach to identifying the root causes of issues, so you won't be overburdened with alerts or false alarms.

Custom Alerts

Using our Alert Builder, you can create custom alerts that are highly-specific to your facility or situation. These alerts will automatically generate emails, phone alerts, or SMS alerts in real-time.

Smart Tasks

When Synapse informs you of a fault, it includes detailed information about the impact of the issue in terms of energy, comfort, and ventilation so you can easily prioritze your punchlists.

Active Control Algorithms

Once Synapse is integrated with your building control system, you can allow it to optimize the control of your facilities. Depending on your goals, Synapse can improve operational efficiency, manage ventilation, smooth out demand, and/or implement automated demand-response.


Synapse's "Optimizations" service can actively control equipment at a site without requiring any reprogramming of the BAS to improve efficiency and overall system performance.

Demand Management

Using Synapse's continuous demand management tools can allow your facilities to avoid paying for short-term peaks in your electrical consumption.

Automated Demand Response

We can pre-program responses that can instantly modify your system operation to shed demand - either at the push of a button, or from a signal received from your utility company.

The Kinetic Difference

Industry-Leading Automation

By integrating machine-learning approaches throughout our applications, we are able to minimize costs, improve accuracy, and reduce the time to see results.

Comprehensive or Tailored Solutions

As described below, we offer the most comprehensive solution in the industry - but it is also the most flexible. Depending on your needs, we can provide complete end-to-end analytics and optimization, or you can select the subset of our services that fits your business model.

Open Framework

Everything we do utilizes an independent data layer using standardized protocols/schemas that can be integrated with any of your existing workflows, or any future updates.

Modern Interface & Actionable Data

We have complex applications that handle huge amounts of data, but our goal is to make your life easier - not to overburden our users. Our entire application is designed to show you only what you need to see, but also to allow users to do their own deep-dive if they so desire.

Auxiliary Services

We also offer a variety of services that are not included in the standard Synapse platform. We are able to provide assistance gathering, assembling, and analyzing data from a wide variety of sources and for a broad range of applications. If you have needs that go beyond your building automation system, get in touch, and we'll walk you through the different solutions we can provide.

Sub-Metering & EMIS Projects

Kinetic has a wide range of easy-to-install wireless (LoRa) sensors that can enable you to track energy use at a more granular level or for specific equipment. We also have an energy-meter only (EMIS) version of the Synapse application.

White Labeling Options

We have experience with a wide range of white-labeling and SSO implementations to make using Synapse a seamless experience for your userbase.

Custom-Built Solutions

If your facility or business has highly-specific needs that are not part of our HVAC and energy software packages, contact us, and we will work with you to find a software solution that fits your needs!

Contact us to learn more about the Synapse solution and how it can benefit your facilities and your team!